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Saved Client $220K in Taxes on a Resolution Case

Saved Client $220K in Taxes on a Resolution Case


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We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

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I have a feeling I know why you’re reading this right now.

We’ve worked with plenty of businesses who have to cobble together 9 different software programs to keep everything straight, or who just wash their hands of it all and put everything on the credit card … and then try to clean up every year after the fact. And they know that this is no way to properly monitor profit margins, cash controls, account management, tax strategy, and all of the myriad components of an effective financial system for a business.

Am I close?

When businesses come to our “door,” they’re not just looking for a tax pro that can do the checks and balances to get yearly taxes filed.

They’re looking for reliableexperienced tax professionals in Jamaica, NY who have industry-specific insight and tax know-how they can trust.

We know it can be difficult to keep up with tax law changes and new deductions, let alone keep your business financials in order. That’s why we’re here!

We know where to uncover tax savings no matter what industry your business is in and how to help you no matter your business tax situation.

We’ll provide you with the best possible service to ensure your business is protected and you have peace of mind when it comes to the IRS.

My Triple-S Approach for Solving Tax Problems

Listen How One Client’s Tax Problem Got Resolved!

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Customer Stories

Joan T.

Mr Scully eased my anxiety in dealing with the IRS. Very professionally. Very confident. Very caring and patient. Explained each step taken to resolve my tax problem. Very knowledgeable in dealing with the IRS. I will definitely refer any one that I know that has a tax problem to him for help in resolving their problem. He is truly a thoughtful and caring person.

Rueben P.

Someone stole my identity; now I owe over $200,000 in sales tax. My tax preparer referred me to Wayne. Wayne has been devoted about following up me as we move through all the steps in the process. He is brilliant in terms of customer service, which made my life easier when dealing with this issue. He got on the phone with New York State tax to find out what was going on. He talked to me various times of the days to get all the information he needed. He even spoke to the suspected identity thief to gather more info to prepare an affidavit. I am happy with the technical help, and customer service is great. I highly recommend Wayne for anyone with tax problems.

My mother received a letter from the IRS saying she owed over $18;000 thousand dollars in back taxes. We didn't know who to turn to for help. A friend recommended Wayne Scully. My mom was a little sceptical but we gave him a call. He accepted the case and did some investigating. He found out that while filling out the tax form the wages earned had been put in the wrong place. He called the IRS and negotiated the penalty down to $400 dollars. Not only did he get the penalty reduced but he got it done in 4 days. I don't know anyone's tax situation but I would highly recommend using Wayne Scully for your tax needs.

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