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  • Charlene J. Thompson, Esq. and Gov't Contracts
    by Tax Master Attorney at 1:40 am

    This week on Black Pros On Money, Honey we will speak to Ms. Charlene Thompson. She is an attorney who’s going to help us to understand how more Black businesses can get involved with Government Contracts. An estimated 65% of Black businesses did not survive the pandemic. Therefore, without cussing, we will be discussing the biggest obstacles facing Black businesses interested in obtaining a government contract. Not only is this a can't-miss-episode you need to hear, we are willing to bet this is also an episode you are going to want to share. Charlene J. Thompson, Esq. is definitely the one to watch when it comes to government contracts and how do we as a community learn to connect the dots. All of this and then some on this episode of Black Pros on Money , Money!

  • Estate plans w/ SHAINA JONES MAGRONE ESQ
    by Tax Master Attorney at 12:53 pm

    On this week's Episode of BPOMH we are featuring an attorney, Ms. Shaina Jones Magrone, who can absolutely, positively hold her own; however, she don't have to because the CPA, Mr. Wayne Scully, and the attorney, Brother Mann, will be holding down while she talks to everybody about Estate Plans - a tool that use to only be used to benefit the rich; however, now that our sister is on the case, all of that's about to switch. She firmly defines and stands behind her position of why more of us need to slow down and  listen when it comes to Estate Planning. She'll talk about something called Digital Estate Plans and what has to do with your social media accounts, your online bank accounts, and your crypto amount regardless of how much you have in the account? Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and the perception of Estate Planning when it comes to Blacks, she'll address all of that on this can't miss episode of BPOMH! .

    by Tax Master Attorney at 4:31 pm

    On this episode of Black Pros On Money, Honey, we will be looking at Insurance through the lens of the spender, the savor and the wealth creator. On this can't miss episode this licensed professional,  Ms. Carmen Bernard, came back for part II to answers several questions like "Can you use Cash Value Insurance Policies to pay off your debt and fund a start-up business?" She is a lot of fun to talk to and instead of second guessing you, this well-read professional is here to make us all much more successful. On this extended episode Ms. Bernard also goes into strategies where every time you pay a dime, then you can possibly get back a whole dollar! With information like this you no longer have to trade your hours for dollars. You're going to enjoy this episode, believe me when I tell you though that pleasure is ours!

    by Tax Master Attorney at 9:22 pm

    The episode this week is all about an Attorney who is also an Accountant and she’s not scared of the numbers. Ms. Carmela Walrond, Esq., a Partner at JLD Tax Resolution Group, will talk with us about tax debts, tax liens, and tax issues for individuals who are applying for their green card or their citizenship. This episode also touches on how someone can sell their home even if they have a lien on the home. Tell a friend to tell a friend to listen to this “can’t-miss-episode” of Black Pros on Money, Honey!

  • Carmen Bernard on Building Wealth Through Life Insurance
    by Tax Master Attorney at 2:20 am

    This week Episode is about  Financial Services and how to grow wealth with life insurance and some of the misconceptions with none other than MS. Carmen Carmen Bernard. This can't miss Episode also goes into Building wealth through Life Insurance and much more!