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as the business or the individual
to navigate your way through
the cyclical cycle of business

Every week we have a tease called
The Top Tax Topic
To hopefully help you improve your financial profits

Today’s Tax Topics Is One You want to definitely be aware of
Because applied correctly, when filing your taxes you have nothing to be scared of.

God forbid, if you ever have a fire in the crib, is this a taxable event
that you can represent to the IRS exactly where the money went and how it was spent? How do you fight through and fight back when it comes to something like that?

Here is where we will discuss a tax deduction for casualty and disaster and how losses can cover damage due to a fire, accident, or natural disaster.

Lastly, we will talk about how to get your unclaimed funds that your state may have for you.

Again, thank you for tuning in to Black Pros On Money, Honey!